Mapping Density of
Residential Development in
Queens, New York
Columbia University
Fall 2022
Which neighborhoods in Queens saw the greatest rates of residential development from 2003-2013?
To understand the growth of residential development in Queens given a specific time frame, I isolated residential units in the NYC MapPLUTO dataset. I then performed a kernel density analysis on the housing units, testing different parameters. Next, I calculated the density of new residential properties and units per acre by neighborhood tabulation area.

I found that Old Astoria had the highest density of residential units, at 6.23 units per acre. New Corona had the highest density of new residential developments at 1.1 developments per acre. In both analyses, Cambria Heights had the lowest density of both residential units and new residential developments at 0.03 and 0.02 units per acre, respectively.
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ArcGIS Pro, Python, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, NYC Open Data
Kernel Density Analysis, Kernel Density Estimation maps, Euclidean Distance Raster, Reclassification, Map Algebra